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Junior Leadership Brazos (JLB)


To promote a community based educational program where Brazos County high school juniors may gain working insight into the community.


  • To help youth of Bryan/College Station become more familiar with community services and dynamic forces at work in the area.
  • To assist local youth with leadership potential to provide positive influences on their peers concerning the community.
  • To provide and opportunity to create positive interaction among youth of all area high schools.
  • To influence youth to stay in the Bryan/College Station area, to return upon completion of their education, or to become active citizens in the communities in which they settle.
  • To serve as a liaison between the graduates of Junior Leadership Brazos and a variety of community activities.
What is Junior Leadership Brazos

Junior Leadership Brazos is sponsored by the Bryan/College Station Chamber of Commerce for area high school juniors. The program is designed to give students an inside look at how local government, banks, law enforcement, and other local entities operate. Junior Leadership Brazos provides an awareness of local history and resources that will interest students hoping to become future community leaders here in the Brazos Valley or anywhere else in the world.

What's Required?
  • Applicant must be a high school junior.
  • Attendance and completion of the Retreat/ropes course is mandatory for participation.
  • Attendance of a minimum of 6 of the 8 weekly sessions. Missing more than 2 sessions or a total of 6 hours will result in a failure to graduate.
  • Sessions are on Monday nights from 6-9 p.m. with a light meal served. Participants are expected to arrive on-time to each session. Fifteen minutes late will count as an absence.
  • A recent photograph must be included with the application. Photos will not be used for selection.
  • Cost to the student is $50 . Partial scholarships are available based on need.
What is a ropes course?

Junior Leadership Brazos begins with a mandatory Saturday ropes course that will introduce the participants to each other and the program. Ropes courses uses adventure to enhance learning, develop trust, promote teamwork and improve self-esteem. The ropes course is an essential and exciting step in creating bonds that will last a lifetime, while developing important team skills.

Why Me?

In Junior Leadership Brazos, potential leaders are identified through area high schools. Since applications are collected from several schools, participants get the opportunity to meet and make friends with people their own age, who they otherwise might not have known. That means that while gathering behind the scenes information about their community, participants are also learning about the diverse people who make this community unique. a series of seven weekly, evening sessions challenges students to become actively involved in Bryan/College Station. These sessions include information about:

  • Leadership
  • Local Economy
  • Medical Services
  • Local Government
  • Criminal Justice
  • Banking & Finance
  • Arts & Culture
  • Local Agriculture


How does the Selection Process Work?

Candidates will be selected from Bryan and College Station area high schools. All applicants must be high school JUNIORS and residents of Brazos County. An anonymous committee will select the participants based on the uniqueness of the application and the applicants' leadership traits and potential. The applicants names, photograph and parent names will be withheld from the selection committee to ensure selection is based solely on qualifications. Those chosen will be part of a single class of no more that 36 participants in Junior Leadership Brazos. Applications will be mailed to all Juniors from the B/CS schools, and are also available at those schools and the Bryan/College Station Chamber of Commerce.

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