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Advertising & Sponsorship

Why do we have events, and offer sponsorships and advertising?

The Chamber only receives about 50% of its annual funding from membership fees - so we can keep dues affordable.  The Chamber has special programs and events as a service to its membership. They create the opportunity for networking and sponsorship (i.e., advertising).  We often open events to the public because they enjoy our events and we know it helps our membership reach their networking and advertising goals.

We have a very large and unique target audience. I’m sure you understand the difficulty in us personally contacting each of our 1,400 members each month to ask them how we can help them promote their, or let them know when we have an opening to advertise/sponsor. SPOT helps us help our membership identify and plan for upcoming networking, sponsorship and advertising opportunities – or get the chance to create new ones.

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Upcoming Events

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