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Governor Abbott's Open Texas Checklists

Governor Abbott's Open Texas Checklists

All Employers & Event Organizers

All Individuals

Amusement Park Operators & Amusement Park Visitors

Adult Recreational Sports Operators

Barber Shops & Barber Shop Customers

Bars & Bar Patrons

Bowling Alleys, Bingo Halls, Simulcasting, Skating Rinks 

Child Care Centers & Child Care Families

Churches and Places of Worship

Cosmetology/Hair Salons & Cosmetology/Hair Salon Customers

Day Youth Camp Operators & Day Youth Camp Families

Driving Schools 

Fine Arts Performance Halls & Patrons

Gyms/Exercise Facilities

Low-COVID19 Counties


Massage and Personal-Care, Beauty Services & Customers

Media Production 

Movie Theatres & Movie Theatre Customers

Museums and Libraries & Museums and Libraries Visitors

Nail Salons & Nail Salon Customers

Office-Based Employers

Outdoor Events 

Outdoor Motorsports Events & Outdoor Motorsports Participants

Outdoor Sports Participants

Overnight Youth Camp Operators & Overnight Youth Camp Families

Parks, Beaches, Bodies of Water 

Professional Sports Leagues 

Restaurants & Restaurant Customers

Retailers & Retail Customers

Rodeo/Equestrian Events 

Single-Person Offices

Special Guidance for Texans Over 65

Tanning Salons & Tanning Salon Customers

Valet Parking 

Waterpark Operators & Waterpark Visitors

Wedding Reception Venues & Wedding Reception Attendees

Wedding Venues & Wedding Attendees

Youth Clubs & Youth Club Participants

Youth Sports Operators 

Zoos, Aquariums, Natural Caverns & Visitors 

From the Texas Education Agency 

Summer Programs

Graduation Ceremonies 

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